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Voles Airlines is a French airline in horror film, Final Destination. One incident has been known with the airline, Volee Flight 180, a flight from New York to Paris on a 747 explodes midair due to catastrophic engine failure (as revealed in Final Destination 5). Luckily, a group of Teens step off the plane before it takes off. Only to be killed in a series of freak accidents. When the passengers who failed to board died in the unrelated incidents, Volée Airlines released a statement in 2001 stating that horrible and unexpected deaths were statistically rare among their customers. In a bid to drum up business, passengers were also given vouchers entitling them to a free in-flight chicken dinner and a single cup of house white wine. In French Volee, means Flight. Also, Volee bears the colors of the French flag.

Fleet Edit

The only known aircraft are Boeing 747-200s.

Incidents and Accidents Edit

Gallery Edit

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