Trans-Con airlines (TCA) (AKA:Trans-Continental) is an American airline in the movie "Turbulence". The airline is based on Japan Airlines but the aircraft sport US flags, so the airline is American. The plot and the airline revolves around in 1997, a convicted murder (Weaver) is transported on a public TCA flight to Los Angeles. Even though it is Christmas Eve, and a Boeing 747, this flight has very few people on board, just 8 others, and "Stubbs" another prisoner being escorted breaks free and shoots all the air marshalls, and the copilot and pilot are killed in the chaos. when trying to save the last Air Marshall, Weaver kills Stubbs while he fails and the Air Marshall is shot dead. Now few people are still alive onboard, and along with Weaver, a flight stewardess "Halloran", is the only hope to land the aircraft, which she does successfully.

Fleet Edit

Accidents & Incidents Edit

A 8 person 747 Trans-Con flight from New York to Los Angeles, ends in disaster after some prisoners aboard the flight break free and attack and kill the air marshalls and Pilots, leaving one person arrested for a murder he did not commit and a Flight attendant to land the plane. The plane lands successfully as a Fighter Jet escorts them, but not before multiple people were killed of course.

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