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Super Duper Airlines (SD) are an airline see in Tayd0g's art and comics. It is seen first in "DHMS Brawl" were a passenger, Taylor Kornhoff, shoots a missile out of a window on the airliner. apparently the airline has airplanes equipped with windows that open and close until they are sealed at 1,000 feet in a flight. There is several aircraft in the fleet of the airline as well. It is known t have flights between Milwaukee, Atlanta, Tuscon, and Haiti. Also, it appears it is based in Wisconsin, most likely founded there.

Fleet Edit

It has many aircraft in fleet, but not all pictures can be gotten of the aircraft. There is many airplanes, includng what appears to be a 757 on the SD Advertisement poster.As seen on a Super Duper Air ad, the airline first began operating Boeing 737s in Summer 2015.

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