Logo (while on upside down MD-80)

Southjetair (SoJet) is an airline seen in the movie "Flight". In the movie, the airline has a strong presence in the beginning, as a SouthJetair MD-80 has some troubles in flight (including ending up upside down), but The pilot manages to save the plane and crashes, though it leads to an investigation that finds troubling results. The airline is based on Delta Airlines.

Fleet Edit

There seems to be MD-80s and Boeing 767s seen operated by SJA.

Accidents and Incidents Edit

A southjetair MD-88 (flight 227) is saved from crashing by its pilot, though the aircraft is unflyable afterwards. The investigation into the crash revealed troubling results.

Gallery Edit

As seen in the Takeoff scene, SJA has a large presence in Atlanta Hartsfeild-Jackson airport. It may be based there.

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