Skylanes air is an airline seen in Fallout 4 on the Pre-war airliners. In Fallout there was a massive nuclear war that destroyed civilization, and the wrecks of these pre-war aircraft are all we know about Skylanes. The airline seems to be prominent in 2077 (the year of the war), and operated many futuristic Hydrogen powered jets, mostly based on the Boeing 747 and 707.

Fleet Edit

This airline seems to have operated many Hydrogen powered Jet airliner before the war, with very 1950's futuristic designs with multiple engines, as well as passengers able to sit in the wings. The plane is estimated to be able to house over 400 people.

Accidents and Incidents Edit

There are 2 known accidents known in the Skylanes airline. there are many more of course, but only 2 are seen in the boston area. Skylanes flight 1665, and 1981, both which crashed due to the nuclear explosions, though this is odd, since the aircraft were flying above the bombs, but also, the flight recordings say it was engine failure, meaning the flights probably crashed on approach flying through the Explosion cloud. All passengers are presumed to have died, as any that survived would have been killed by the Nuclear Fallout. There also remains of 5 other planes that may be skylanes aircraft, one underwater, one near a school and 3 others seen at the Boston airport, though these aircraft were taxiing at the airport when the bombs dropped.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The airline seems to based on major US airlines, like Delta, United and American airlines, of which have, or have had similar liveries.

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