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Royal Air Lao was a Laos airline in "Air America". Its airline livery was made from Thab Akat Thai/Royal Thai Air Force. Not much else is known about it. It was seen opertaing in 1990 so it is unknown if it canonically still flies.

Royal Air Lao operated DC-3( C-47s) ex Air France DC4s, Two Locheed Electras ex TAA aircraft . It also leased Boeing 307s and Viscount ex Lao Air Lines ( Different company altogether) and a short period with a Carvelle. It also acquired some C-46s for a short time in the last before communist takeover. Had one Plautus Porter for upcountry operations .The COE was Prince Panya who was son of the Prime minister of Laos. Was not part of Air America or Continental Air Service who were operating for US Government at the time in Laos. The picture of HS 748 was used in Air America Movie !

Fleet Edit

The aircraft seen is a Hawker Siddeley HS.748 Srs.2/208.

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