Riser Air is an airline seen in the Music Video for the song "Drunk on a Plane". Not much is known about the airline but, it seems to be very irresponsible, as in the Video, a 767 flight was flying and a party started after the Singer gets drunk. The pilots join and get drunk, while Drunk girls take over. The plane then begins to plummet to the earth while the drunken people on board are unable to control it. Soon The singer finds true love and is able to overcome the Alcohol and Pull up the plane to safety, most likely ,Realistically, resulting in the closing of the airline.

Fleet Edit

The airplane seen operated by Riser in the Music Video seems to be a 767, with a livery that seems reminiscent of Aeromexico.

Accidents & Incidents Edit

As also told in the description above, A party full of drunken passengers, as well as the Crew starts on a Riser flight, but the main character, the singer, gains true love and is able to save the plane.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • If you look closely at the aircraft's tail you can see it is an American Airline.

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