Ringfisher Airlines is an Airline in the CGI Work of "TheGULLUVIRUS". It is featured in a video were a Ringfisher 747 lookalike slams into the ground. It is unknown if anyone survives. Ringfisher also seems to be a play on Kingfisher, a kind of bird.Also, this Airline is influenced on the real life kingfisher Airlines, which went defunct in 2013. The CGI crash was based off of a Resident Evil Atmos Airlines crash.

Fleet Edit

The plane seen is a 747 LookaLike

Accidents & Incidents Edit

The Ringfisher crash seen in the CGI video seems to be crashing due to Engine Fire on number 1 engine.

Gallery Edit

Videos Edit

24fps Fault movie making06:03

24fps Fault movie making

The CGI crash itself

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