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Plummet Airlines is an Airline in GTA Vice City. It flies out of Vice City in the game, having a large presence there. The company Motto is "The Last Resort", probably due to the fact that their safety record is implied to be poor, and that their planes "plummet" out of the sky - Hence the name and the logo painted on their aircrafts, which is a plane pointing downwards. The airline's planes are never seen flying in game, that goes to "Air Rockstar" planes, this implies the planes were all grounded due to its obvious low safety record. The logo bears a resemblance to Qantas which might mean Plummet air is Australian. It was originally seen in 1982, in Vice City, but it was scheduled to appear in GTA IV meaning it survived until 2009.

Fleet Edit

Plummet Airlines maintains a fleet of 747 and 727 crossovers, which are called "Airtrains".

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