Nashawn Wade Airlines, or NWA, not to be confused with the real NWA (Northwest Airlines), is an Airline seen in the movie "Soul Plane". The Plot is Following an unfortunate series of events on board a plane from Worldwide Airlines, Nashawn Wade sues the airline for $100,000,000 and spends his compensation forming his own airline N.W.A, which is the first airline to cater largely for African Americans. However, the maiden flight of NWA is beset by woes that Nashawn has to deal with. So NWA caters to mostly African Americans. NWA's main competition is Texas Air.

Fleet Edit

It seems the aircraft flown by NWA are Ridiculously and Unrealistically Modified Boeing 747SP's. Some modifications include Chrome landing gear, ridiculous Hidraulics, Circle windows, Stripper poles, and Dance Floors.

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