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Juank Air was an Airline seen in GTA: San Andreas. It was based there in 1992. Juank Air provides air travel between the cities of Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas, via the Los Santos International Airport, the Easter Bay International Airport and the Las Venturas Airport, respectively. The company continues to operate through 1998 but it may have went out of business after that. The name of the airline is a play on the word "wanker" (slang for someone who masturbates) and is emphasized further by featuring a fist in one of its logos. It could also be a play on the word junk, which is slang for testicles. The companies alternate logo features a Pelican. The company's slogan is "Flying with that Personal Touch".

Fleet Edit

2 known aircraft are known to fly with Juank, AT-400s, and Nevadas, 2 fictional plane ,models.

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