British Aqualantic Airlines Is a British owned Airline In the movie Non-Stop. In this movie a British Aqualantic Airlines 767 is flying on a non-stop route from New York to London. Mid flight a terrorist demanding money texts the hero (Liam Neeson) and demands money to be transferred into an account or else someone will die on the plane. The terrorist does get a dead person and a bomb is discovered in the rear section of the aircraft. The planes Pilot is eventually killed leaving the Co Pilot to fly. The plane starts a descent into an airport in Iceland but as they pass 8,000 feet the bomb detonated killing the terrorists and ripping a hole in the aircraft. The plane lands and the nose gear collapses a second hole comes up near the front and two protagonists save a child from being sucked out into the engines. The plane comes to a stop and passengers and crew evacuate. Not much is known about the airline and it's fleet consists of a Boeing 767 as seen in the movie.